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Nowella Dining Chair Abaca

Updated: 16 Sep 2014


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For plastic furniture is woven using highest quality Rehau or Viro woven synthetic fibre. Both material is polyethylene based and is UV resistant, hard wearing, comfortable and weather resistant making it suitable to be left outside all year round. 
Viro or Rehau is woven into hand welded aluminum and paint frame or optional powder coated frame, producing quality height weight furniture.


Cushion are manufactured in our own Indonesia Factory here in Cirebon using durable Sunbrella or INNOVABRIC performance fabric for the covers. In line with legal requirement the fire retardant coating optional applied ensure the product become versatile for indoor or outdoor use.
This well established market leader is a stain, water repellant, salt paper, chlorine, UV and heat resistant textile with enviable weather resistant qualities.
An economical standard fabric or fire retardant treated cotton drill is offered as an alternative for those prepared to store their cushion indoors.



Tempered Glass

You can order tempered glass as optional, this product meets the required safety standard to BS 6206:1981 but we do not advise placing hot object such as coffee or tea pots directly on to surface of the glass.

Choice of Color  

Whatever your preferences in color or finish, shape or size, you are assured of the ultimate all season furniture for all outdoor use see the ranges for color availability.


Contract use (Also for Custom Made)  

We are happy to quote for supply of bespoke design for volume commercial use, Please contact our sales department to discuses your order requirement you contact directly to or

Outdoor Maintenance  

Carter outdoor furniture requires minimal maintenance – The Rehau or Viro Synthetic fiber is woven onto aluminum paint or powder coated aluminum frame and easily cleaned by simply washing with debited detergent in warm water.

rattan information
All the woven and framing in the collection is truly hand-made using  a tropical rattan and wood from our legal and registered forest and selected to give this furniture warm feeling for the comfortless and design

All the woven furniture in the collection is hand-made using a well known plastic fiber such as Viro or Rehau, the fiber is made in Indonesia but with Germany technology and has unsurpassed qualities. The furniture is dirt-repellent,very solid with environmentally friendly, toxic free and recyclable. Our furniture are friendly for 4 season,from pouring rain to burning sun. As well as being non- fading, the collection is UV and water and also frost resistance and requires maintenance free.
A description of material and maintenance product can be found in the product CARE section on pages .....
To keep your furniture in best condition, we recommend storing it indoors or under a furniture cover during the winter. The furniture can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners

Product care General
Kubu(kooboo) Grey
This becoming very popular since 2-3 years ago till today. This very special rattan has been soaked in natural pigment plus addition with river water and rain. It gives a unique light rustic urban gray shines to these soft contemporary and modern shape. We also provide a natural kubu color, which is the color is shade of light yellow brown color
Natural Kubu
Pure natural and without treatment as Kubu, the color is bright white/yellow
This kubu usually made for Basket and accessories product but now it’s popular for making a chair weaving
Already known since the 20s
In 1917, the American Marshall Burns Lloyd developed a new weaving since the import of rattan was stopped during the world war 1. Using the principal of textile machinery, he wove a loom twisted recyclable craft paper around the metal wire. The loom is smooth but strong enough to weave. Very elegant and sophisticated in endless color collection
This naturally brown rattan species weaving and selected to give us unique warm chocolate color. This croco contribute to an elegant and modern atmosphere. This croco color are coming with as it from the nature but we also can put some pigment to get the color as we need
Or we called rattan peel, are made from skin of rattan, not all kind rattan only some special kind such as Sega, Umbulu, Pahit,lambang etc.
This for sure are stronger than the rattan wicker, this material need special treatment when we paint it as the color will not stay if we put a wrong method
We can also boiled a peel to get the color(see Zebra peel) all of them are boiled to get the color stay still and not fade away
Flat oval cane and if both side are oval we called it OOC, this material are very classy when we attach/weaving in a rattan furniture.
Is made from peel off banana tree, if the color is dark brown then we called it Abaca but if the color is white then we called it Banana. This can be made flat or most popular in rope
Rattan Wicker
This the most popular material for weaving rattan and all kind furniture in Indonesia or maybe in the world. This material is really flexible and the dimension is variety from 2mm in up to 6mm is depend with the needs
Rattan core
This rattan core diameter start from 4mm up to 40mm, it is depend our needs
There is hundred of different kind of rattan, please see some list of what we usually use for our furniture
-    Manao
-    Batang
-    Tohiti/tahiti
-    Semambu
-    Etc
This material for weaving purpose
This material for weaving purpose
It’s fantastic if we combine also for weaving style. We can combine Wicker with Croco, Abaca with WaterHyacint or any kind you like, millions of combination for sure
Teak table or furniture are supplied optional, can be made untreated or paint on it. For untreated it can be develop patina over time, with this issue we recommend using teak oil-this will naturally make the wood darker
Furniture covers
We have a wide variation for our fabric option from economical to selected material. For outdoor we have a collection from Sunbrella and Innovabric which is made from strong, waterproof and waterrapellant, solution –dyed polyester fabric which will protect furniture during heavy rain or winter
We have also other traditional wood from our nature forest such as Mahogany – Manggo – Pine – Mindi
But if you have special request to use American or European wood, we will be available, we can provide you with Oak – Maple – Ash etc
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is extremely weatherproof.
But still tarnishing can occur in long term of using because flash rust. This can beremoving using a stainless steel cleaner. Regular cleaning with soapy watercan help to protect the surface and minimize the effect of chlorine,etc. It is also advisable to wipe the base with acid-free oil at least twice a year to minimize tarnishing
All the woven furniture in this collection is a hand-made product using selected material(optional) such as Rehau,Viro,Ecolene etc. The fibers are 100% recyclable synthetic fiber has the grain,the texture and the feel of natural rattan with maintenance free, if its necessary just clean with ordinary household cleaners. Woven on an Aluminum frame, wooden frame, rattan frame etc. The full range is both for outdoor and indoor.
Aluminum and plastic are easily separated and melted,giving birth  to a new alloy and a new type of plastic
We recommend to use tempered glass 5m to up. Choose either black or clear frosted tempered glass. But for economical reason we still can offer in our standard glass with non-temperlite

Last advise/encore
To ensure that your furniture last as long as possible and keep it in good condition. Cantik Rattan recommends bringing your furniture indoors for the winter. Let them touch by the sun for a while to raise up the mould and humidity
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